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What better way to combine Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? Turkey and Potato Latkes!

It is hard to get my teeth around the fact that Hanukkah is almost here! Isn’t it only the middle of November? Yes, I know Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November, and this year it is a little later than usual, but still, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving at the same time? It has not happened since we have lived in this country, almost 18 years now! So, what does this mean for someone who is thinking of what to make for her cooking blog? Get creative and combine the two. I have tried to do just that, and have included some fun and different recipes.

Thanksgiving is a holiday I really enjoy. We did not celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, so it was new to us when we came here. However, it was the one holiday that I found so easy to embrace. It has no religious connotations, and it is a time of getting together with family, or as is our case where we don’t have family close by, with close friends who are like your family. I thank our American friends, I trust you know who you are, for teaching us the traditions of Thanksgiving, and for welcoming us into their homes and making their family ours too.

Hanukkah is  also a holiday I enjoy. It holds lots of wonderful memories of my life back in South Africa growing up, of the wonderful Hanukkahs I celebrated when living in Israel, and the many happy times here in the States. It is also a time of sadness for me as two very very important people in my life, my Grandfather z”l and my father z”l died around Hanukkah time. It is hard to light the Menorah and sing the blessings and Maoz Tzur without thinking of them. Yet I remind myself, as is so apt for this year, we must be thankful for the memories and the legacy each of them left and I am thankful each day for all I have – my family, friends and above all my health.

So, enjoy the recipes to combine this special Thanksgiving Holiday with the celebration of the miracle of Hanukkah.

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So, the Holidays are Over, Now What’s for Dinner?

I often laugh at myself! Both our kids live away from home, so it is just Peter and me. Yet every night I come home from work at about 7 p.m. and I cook a full meal! Am I crazy? I cannot help it, I truly love cooking and it relaxes me. So tonight I thought I would share with you some of my latest creations. The recipes from today’s blog  make a great Shabbat meal, (I know this because this is what we ate last Shabbat), but they can also be made for a meal during the week. They are simple, easy to prepare, and from the feedback of our guests and my greatest fan, Peter, I believe they are very tasty. Remember you can get the best kosher meat there is from All meats mentioned in my blog have a hyperlink directly to the website, so if you live in the US, you can place your order as you read and the meat will be delivered or shipped directly to your home. All you need to do is get cooking and enjoy.

Baked Chicken Pieces with Zesty Sauce
I like to prepare this dish in the morning or the night before and leave it in the refrigerator to “marinade” so the chicken can absorb the flavors.

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