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Slow Cooker Winter Beef Stew


Winter Beef Stew

What better a day to choose to make a hearty winter beef stew than a true winter’s snow day? Atlanta has not had such a storm since the 80’s. People have been stuck in their cars for over 5 hours and many roads are just complete gridlock. Pete is stuck on the highway, but I fortunately  work five minutes from the house and managed to get home after a 25 minute snail ride home at 1 p.m. However, it was not my early homecoming today that gave rise to this delicious meal, but the fact that Pete advertised all these delicious cuts of meat to make stew with during these cold weeks. I couldn’t resist, so before I set out for work this morning, I threw these ingredients into the crockpot, pressed the button to set it for 8 hours, and at dinner time the most delicious meal (even if I say so myself!) was ready to be served. Poor Pete, who suggested it in the first place, will have to eat it when he eventually makes it home, tomorrow or the next day.

I cannot stress how easy it is to make this meal. Owning a slow cooker is really a blessing on days like today. It took me 15 minutes to prepare the stew, plug the cooker in, press a button and 8 hours later I was ready to dish up a scrumptious dinner. Continue reading

Israeli Couscous and Swiss Chard Supreme

Do you ever get that craving for a healthy, wholesome meal? I sure do. I really love vegetables and I often cook vegetarian meals. I guess this is not expected from someone whose blog is called “The Kosher Butcher’s Kitchen” and whose husband believes “Vegetables are what food eats”, but to me they provide the healthy balance that we all need in our lives. I love the fact that there is so much one can do with vegetables, so stay tuned as every now and then I will be sharing one of my creations. Continue reading

Mediterranean Chicken

A few nights ago I opened my refrigerator doors and there staring at me were these delicious looking grape tomatoes. I had just come in from picking some fresh herbs from my garden. Yes, there were still fresh herbs, before the big freeze hit Atlanta! My hand was filled with fresh oregano. What could I make with these tomatoes and the fresh oregano. As I was pondering this thought, I saw the container of black olives, so before long  my new Mediterranean chicken dish was cooking. IMG_0725
The final product – smells so good and looks so colorful! Continue reading

It’s Been a While!

Where has the time gone? It was December, before winter break, and my word it is almost the end of January! Lots has happened since my last blog. After 6 years the four of us finally went on a family vacation. We went to New Orleans for 6 days and what fun we had. It was a vacation well earned and so very special to spend time together as a family. Would you believe it, Pete took off 6 days from work, and Av and Michal came home to join us. Nola, as they call it, is a really interesting city. We enjoyed learning of its history, seeing the things they have done post Katrina, and we sure did enjoy the music and of course the cocktails too. it is a city that is abuzz with life, and quite different from any other city I have visited in this country.

Since getting home, Michal and I have been totally immersed in a project. Continue reading