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Wholesome Bison Stir-Fry


Bison is not a meat that you often think of as being kosher, and until now it has not been easy to get kosher bison. However, recently GrillersPride has secured a reliable source of Glatt Kosher bison making it readily available . This is really exciting news as it is a really healthy type of red meat to eat. It is in fact lower in cholesterol and in calories than skinless chicken!! Yes, that is fact as you can see from the table below which is referenced by the USDA.


I am always excited when I know that I am going to cook something that is healthy, and even more so, when I know that for my  Continue reading

Apricot-Date Chicken with a Curry Flavor Sauce

Hello again. What a week it has been catching up after the snow. There has been so much going on that there has not been too much time to write my blog.  But, the good news is we still have to eat, and somehow I still find the time to cook. Last Thursday I asked Peter to bring home some of the new antibiotic and hormone free Chicken he is now selling, as I really wanted to try it. Friday was a good time to cook the chicken for Shabbat dinner, our Sabbath evening meal, but once again it was decision time; how should I cook it? So I went to the pantry to see what inspired me, and to my absolute delight, right in from of my eyes were some dried apricots and some pitted dates! Why was I so excited to see those ingredients? Just a couple of weeks before, I had a conversation with Avi and his girlfriend about a chicken dish they were making. They said it was a Moroccan dish with dried fruit, turmeric and other spices. It sounded so good at the time, and I had vowed I would try to do something like it. Well, this was my opportunity. I did not have turmeric, so I used curry instead. Av, Hadar, thanks for the inspiration. It is so much fun to get my cooking inspiration from my kids. Keep cooking guys!! Continue reading