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Hearty Beef Stew with a Blend of Spices

As the weather gets more miserable and a little colder I tend to cook heartier meals – lots of soups, stews and curries to eat when I get home cold and tired. Although we really cannot complain this year about the weather, our winter has been very mild, this week has been particularly overcast and rainy. For those who know me, I need light and sunshine, so to cheer myself up I made this delicious beef stew. Continue reading

A Potato Latke and Lox Open “Sandwich”



Lox and Potato Latke “Sandwich”

Tonight is first night Hanukkah and I just  had to make Latkes, potato pancakes. I got home from work and decided that even though I really was not in the mood to cook, I was going to make latkes anyway. I did not feel like meat for dinner, so now I had to think of something different to do with the latkes. I know it is traditional in this country to serve the latkes with apple sauce and sour cream, but I wanted them to be savory tonight and I wanted the latkes to be the main part of the meal. Continue reading

Chicken Shwarma

Ready to eat - delicious chicken shewarma

Ready to eat – delicious chicken shwarma

Last week I made the rosemary and olive marinated chicken pargiyot, and as i mentioned I chose to prepare a bulk pack so that I would have left-over chicken. I like to have extra as it is always good to have for “school lunch” or to slice and put in a chicken sandwich or chicken salad,  but this time I decided to make a shwarma. It really was so easy to slice the pargiyot Continue reading

Grilled Rosemary and Black Olive Marinated Pargiyot

I have always preferred the dark meat of the chicken. Somehow I find it to be juicier and more flavorsome. I always enjoy eating a crispy thigh or drumstick, but then I am aware of the health hazard of eating the chicken skin, often my favorite part especially when it is crisp and crunchy. So, pargiyot ,skinless, boneless chicken thighs, as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, are a good compromise. This time however, instead of stuffing them I decided to marinade them in one of my newly constructed marinades for a few hours and then grill them on the barbecue. The result was amazing and it was such a quick dish to prepare. Continue reading