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Helga’s Pesach Meringue Delight -Passover 4

Many of you out there knew my Mom ob”m. She was quite a lady. In South Africa she was known as Morah Chana, as she taught for some 30 years at King David, Linksfield. Then she did a complete career change when she moved to Israel, where she spent close to the next 20 years of her life working in a bank. Helga was a lady of incredible strength and talent, and it is from her that I inherit my love of cooking. She was always ready to try a new recipe and experiment with something new. As I sit and type this, I remember the night she served my sister, Esther, and me steak peri-peri (a very hot pepper spice). She put 1 Tbs. of peri peri in the sauce instead of one tsp. We could not eat it, it was so spicy. We all had a good laugh. On the whole, she was a very skilled cook, and one of her pride desserts was her Meringue Delight. Continue reading