Good Old-Fashioned Pickled Brisket


Today is Mother’s Day and I guess I have been thinking of my wonderful  mother OB”M all week. She loved to cook, just like I do, and she was always trying new things. However, there were certain dishes that she always cooked the same way. and one of these was her pickled brisket. She would then serve it with rye bread, sauerkraut, mustard and some pickles, and my Dad would say it was just like a New York Deli sandwich. At that stage of my life I had not been to New York, , nor to the United States in fact, so I didn’t really know what he meant, but having lived in Atlanta for the past 18 years I sure get what he meant by a New York Deli sandwich, in particular a Carnegie Deli sandwich. Mom used to cook her brisket in a pressure cooker. Those things really scared me with the little pressure valve on top that would from time to time blow right off the pot and the contents of the pot would splatter all over the walls, ceiling and floor. However, I adapted the recipe to cook in a slow cooker, and although mine cooked for much longer, it still tasted as good. I have though a secret to confess, this recipe is not actually my mom’s, nor is it totally mine. I have to give credit to Bobba Sonia, our friend Trevor’s mom. Glenda, his wife makes this brisket, and I have to say it truly is the best brisket I have tasted. I have modified the recipe a little, and have their permission to share it with you, so Mom forgive me, but I know you too would have done the same. I dedicate this blog to you Mom, to let you know you are with me always, and each time I cook in my new kitchen that I had redone in your memory, I think of the fun times we had together in the kitchen. I also want to pay tribute to Bobba Sonia, I never met you, but knowing  your sons, daughters-in-laws and grandchildren is testimony to who you must have been. Please know that your pickled brisket is going to go on my blog and reach all corners of the world. May you both rest in peace  and perhaps get together to cook some pickled brisket.

Old Fashioned Pickled Brisket

4 ripe tomatoes
2 large onions
8 cloves garlic
3 – 4 bay leaves
+ 10 peppercorns
1 Tbs. mustard seeds
2 tsp, allspice
1 jalopena pepper
4 – 5 lb. pickled brisket

Place the whole tomatoes and whole onions in a large sauce pan.

The veges and spices in the pot.

The veges and spices in the pot.

Add the garlic cloves, bay leaves, pepper corns, mustard seeds, allspice and the jalopeno pepper.
Fill the pot with water so that it is more than half fill and bring the water and contents to a boil.
Meanwhile, wash the brisket in cold water, and when the contents of the pot are boiling add the brisket. Turn the stove down, so that the brisket is simmering or cooking gently for about 2 hours. After two hours check the meat and if a fork is able to slide into it easily it is cooked. Turn stove off, but allow the meat to settle and cool down in the liquid. Remove from liquid and slice thinly. It is best to slice the meat against the grain, but certain people like to slice it with the grain. Do what is best for you.

The brisket is so tender and flavorsome, it really does not need a mustard sauce. It is best served with mash potatoes, some strong Coleman’s mustard or a good Dijon mustard, and some salads. I served it with a green salad and a delicious beet and apple salad, the recipe for which is to follow in my next blog.

Enjoy and please say a B’teiavon to Savta Helga and Bobba Sonia

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