It’s Been a While!

Where has the time gone? It was December, before winter break, and my word it is almost the end of January! Lots has happened since my last blog. After 6 years the four of us finally went on a family vacation. We went to New Orleans for 6 days and what fun we had. It was a vacation well earned and so very special to spend time together as a family. Would you believe it, Pete took off 6 days from work, and Av and Michal came home to join us. Nola, as they call it, is a really interesting city. We enjoyed learning of its history, seeing the things they have done post Katrina, and we sure did enjoy the music and of course the cocktails too. it is a city that is abuzz with life, and quite different from any other city I have visited in this country.

Since getting home, Michal and I have been totally immersed in a project. We have sorted all our photographs going back to our wedding almost 30 years ago to ¬†current times. Not only did we sort them into chronological order, but we made 11 albums, some 2500 pictures in albums!! Yes, this has been a time consuming project, but oh so worth it. What memories and so many stories to tell. For all of you all over the world that are and have been part of our lives, we relived those fun times, and just know we love you and miss you all dearly. To those of you that are part of our daily lives, thank you for making life what it is. We truly are blessed to have the friends and family we have.To you Michali, I say a big thank you for keeping me at it and getting the job so well done!! Av, you have lots to look at when you next visit! Pete, I know you have enjoyed the “journey” with us and that it has brought back many memories for you too.

I know this is supposed to be a cooking blog, but I decided that I have been quiet for so long, I need to catch y’all up. I have been doing some cooking in between, so I am going to post a cooking blog later today too. I also promise that now that the big photo project is over and I am slowly getting back into my routine of work and doing what I do best, I am going to spend more time in the kitchen, my favorite room in this house.

Sorry it is late, but Happy New Year to you all. May this year be filled with lots of cooking and many new recipes. May you all continue to order from Griller’s Pride so that you can get the meat and other ingredients I use to cook with for the blog.

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